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Hi, about 26 hours played. I have a few thoughts:

I know that the game wants to kill me, but at some corners it feels a little extreme - for example how fast tools, clothing and especially food degrade. Especially food, because it's mostly around 0°C and even in the houses it's not much warmer than in my fridge. Some food items even say that they last for an eternity, but continue to degrade. I would be fine with less food loot, if the food lasts longer in return.

Another example is the weather. One day I have a nice, mild and sunny day where I can get stuff done and the next day it's -40°C with a blizzard where I can't see my hands. I will take the solar winds as an explanation for aggressive animals and ever changing weather, but 40 degrees just tells me: "I want you dead, I want your day to be miserable, F U.". But to be fair, on 192 / 193 that does not seem to happen that often anymore.

Some minor stuff and wishes:

Most actions in the game take you to a waiting-screen will tell you how long it takes, but cooking, melting or boiling don't do so. And the actual time in the waiting screen is constant. I would not mind that to scale up, depending on how long the action takes - capped at 30 seconds or something. Also: Does melting snow takes the same amount of time as cooking the water does?

We now have harvestables. As far as I understand, there are plans for more(?), so I would suggest edible plants (a quick search for "winter edible plant canada" gives some possible items) - the rabbits and deers find food that way too ;)

With a sprained ankle, the character complains and makes noises. I got the injury early on and had no time or medication to deal with it, so I had to constantly hear the two different comments and the various grunting noises - which annoyed me so much, that I started a new game.

And finally: The development. I really like this game and I think the community here is pretty good, but I have absolutely no clue what's going on with the development. The latest changelog is pretty short and the changes made where explained as short as possible and the whole changelog spares reason to why these changes where made. I have to be honest, I bought the game because it was mentioned on a podcast and because a quick glance on past changes was promising. But I come from games like Don't Starve, Nuclear Throne and Kerbal Space Program - the developers behind these games where MUCH more open about what's going on, what feedback they like(d) and why they made this or that. You don't have to make it that way - this game is already awesome - but I would love some more status- and progress-updates on your side. Or more comments on feedback.

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I think a lot of people would agree that the development of the game is under wraps. The developers have expressed interest in keeping people surprised when they are playing the game, so I have to assume that's a big reason why they don't have a very clear cut road map of what they want to implement. They want us to find these things in game, which I can't really knock them for, even if that means at times we're somewhat in the dark.

I've seen other people mention that more consistent weather might make more sense/at times create a greater challenge (living through a 3 day blizzard or something for example). The only problem with long term storms is that it would encourage the hibernation method which some people certainly hate. That being said I still would agree it's probably something that could be looked into more?

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Also: Does melting snow takes the same amount of time as cooking the water does?

Assuming you're using metric, melting enough snow to make one liter of water takes 20 minutes. Boiling the same liter takes ten minutes, so it works out to exactly 30 minutes per liter.

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