[Mac] v.05 | Inspect mode being skipped while pick up items


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When I went to pick up Accelerant off the crafting table in the Safe House, I clicked on 1 of them, and it went straight to my inventory. I clicked the 2nd one and it went straight to my inventory.

I then went to the safe and clicked on the newspaper and the Inspect Mode came up.

I then dropped both Accelerant items and clicked them and the inspect mode came up.

This also happened in the Loggers Cabin B when picking up Soda out of the wooden crate in the corner.

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I'm using trackpad Alan. The mouse situ, being still very touchy bought me to trackpad, because I was sick of slowing off with slight movement and having trouble dialling in on the smaller objects, axe and so on.

As to my trackpad controls, I have it set to tap tap click or click to click which is one and the same.

This happened everywhere again, Trapper's, Loggers, Lookout so I'll try with my mouse and also take a screen recording trim in and upload to Dropbox for all to see.

I'll get back to you on this one.

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