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We currently only have one throwable weapon in the game, and it’s primary use is to stun rabbits and be a distraction. I had an idea to expand the throwable weapons category. Throwing hatchets could be found in tool chests, trunks, cabinets, etc. Each hatchet would be 1.5 pounds or 24 ounces. They could come together in packs of 1 or 2 with 1 being the most common. When throwing a hatchet, you first have to wind up to get more power. The longer you wind up, the more power you have, therefore more distance the hatchet covers. I have made a list of what happens when the hatchet hits different animals, these are...

Rabbits-immediately dies

Wolves-if a wolf is hit, it will flee, but it does not cause them to die. It can not be used in a struggle, as that’s what a regular hatchet is for. If hit 4 times, it will die.

Timberwolves-same effect as regular wolves, but it depletes the morale meter.

Deer-will cause a bleed-out time for 100 minutes when hit. Hitting them 6 times will kill them, 

Bears-if hit, it will cause them to chase after the player, but do little to nothing. If they are charging and are hit in the face, they will flee, but only the face, or else they will continue charging.

Moose-does not affect them at all.

After an animal is hit with a throwing hatchet, their is a small chance that it could fall out of the animal’s body and be harvested off the ground. If the animal is killed by the hatchet or another source, it can be harvested off the body like arrows. The hatchet loses 3% durability after hitting an animal, but could lose up to 4% if it hits the ground before the animal dies. Their spawn would be fairly uncommon however as if the player had to many, their could go around being like a Viking raiding a village, throwing a hatchet at everything their see. Throwing hatchets could have durability replenished using a whetstone. The throwing hatchets could only be used for throwing, and not for anything else like cutting wood, struggles, harvesting, etc. They would have their own skill set that when leveled up would increase the distance a hatchet could be thrown and make aiming easier. Thoughts?



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2 minutes ago, TheDevv said:

It will be nice.But it will be better with knifes, you can forge them and you will can get more throwing knifes than improvised knifes.

The only problem with knifes is that they aren’t as heavy-hitting as the hatchets, making them not do as much damage against animals. I also didn’t want hatchets to be something you can make in a forge, because as I stated, I don’t want players to go around throwing hatchets all Willy-nilly.

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12 hours ago, TheDevv said:

But looper players?.Well knifes will de agroo animals

I mean, you could probably forge throwing hatchets, but they would be a lot less powerful than manufactured ones just to balance it out. I was also thinking that throwing hatchets should be in interloper anyway to help those players out.

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14 hours ago, Themadlad94 said:

May I ask why?

It sounds more of a fun ideal. It would be inferior to the bow and arrow which has far better range and more energy efficient. I feel like the devs purposely made the hatchet and knives defense and crafting tools only. 

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There are three types of combat in the long dark. Shooting comfortable (Any time your comfortable), shooting panicked(any time your uncomfortable) and struggles. These three each are necessary beings that form a nearly poetic combat system that fits well with the theme of the game. Throwing weapons would be contentious to struggles do to the fact that, do to the very nature of combat in the game one would be objectively superior. Not to mention that on a technical level a descent throwing weapon system is opposing to the rest of the game as well as looking visually strange with the art style.

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