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5 minutes ago, ajb1978 said:

I'm thinking the W M is short for WinterMute.  Looks like spray paint.

Seems unlikely. In the latest DevDiary they said that it would be lucky if they release next storymode update in 2020. 
It should be survival mode update related to mapping/orientation.

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I'm looking less at the design of the mark and more at what it might signify...
It could be (and this is purely a wild guess) that perhaps it might be an indication that we might be able to mark trails. 

...I don't know...

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my guess is a trail marker.  maybe a handful of preset symbols you can use to tag trees?  but what would we use to mark them?  i have no idea really but i assume we will find out this weekend

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Someone on reddit argued that those are Hobo signs and symbols:

the article with pictures

Sounds very likely, e.g. Hobo sign for Barking dog kind of resembles the first teaser picture. And from one perspective they do look like predators' teeth. So it might be the sign of wolves or danger in general.

Probably HL used those signs as inspiration for these markers, which can be used on maps or/and on buildings and trees.

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