Flickering Colors with Fallen Trees


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I didn't see this issue posted, hopefully I didn't miss it.

I am having 2 types of graphical issues, both seem to be related to the snow-covered tips of fallen trees. It is extremely hard to get footage of because it only happens under yet-to-be-determined circumstances. I first noticed it standing near Misanthrope's house in CH, looking towards The Tooth. I looked as if I was catching the glint off a piece of glass, or there was some kind of signal beacon up there... a blueish white circular light would flash or flicker at certain angles.

Later on, I found some up close fallen trees that exhibited this light, as well as some red artifacting. This was happening only at the pointy tip of fallen trees which were covered in snow at the tip.

Has anyone experienced this? I have zero other issues with the game, graphics etc.

I will try to get some footage, whether video or screenshots to demonstrate.

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Could you take some screenshots so I can see?



Hi Jeremy,

I will try my best. The light flickering is not constant, and is so far un-reproducable. It might happen for a split second, maybe again a few seconds, and then it wont happen for the next 5-10 minutes. I've tried standing in the exact spot, moving the screen around in order to get it to fire off, but so far it is illusive (which had me thinking initially that it was some sort of signal beacon I may or may not see).

I play on Ultra, have a very reasonable machine, and have zero other graphical issues aside of this one. Very odd. My only suggestion so far is to look at whatever tree model might be stuck in the top of The Tooth, and check the snowwy ends-of-the-branch textures for any oddities.

I might end up having to take a video.

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So after playing a bunch and getting back to CH to my base, I went out in search of this illusive and extraordinary phenomenon. I attempted screenshots, by my timing could not capture the best. I had to resort to video.

Please watch directly on YT and use 1080p and fullscreen for best results in viewing.

Edit: Weird, YT only wants to give me 480p as the highest option, a few hours after uploading. :/

[bBvideo 560,340:2zbzbavq]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rupS4qp6neo[/bBvideo]

Here you will see the flicker happening off in the distance, several times. I stop, and adjust my view angle to the flicker, to see if it being on the edge of my view would coax it into occurring. That seemed to have no effect.

I'll see about trying to get a closer view, and also of the red weirdness when I got super close to a different log.

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