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I know this idea has been done to death but hear me out. This is my idea of how the scopes would work

Rifle Scope- A 4x rifle scope specially fitted for a lee enfield.

allows for more precise shots from a longer distance, will be relatively rare, maybe only 3 per playthrough, randomized to each region.


And here is a little bit of different take as well

Revolver scope- A 2x revolver scope

I know the revolver is made for self defense in-game but I think that an addition of a revolver scope would make a little bit of a spicier playthrough. The revolver scope would be rare, but not as rare as a rifle scope, maybe 6 per playthrough.

I'm open to suggestions, but this is my take on this aspect of the game.

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I just dont see how you even can aim with a controller besides that the damage is that of a 22 with the revolver. Tried to kill the bear with 303 rifle  in my first play through 3 shots to the chest spotted blood each time it kills  me after 1hr of in game time  didnt bleed out 

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The only reason (I see) for a scope would be the capacity to make more precise hits from farther out.  How easy or how hard it would be to find, mount, zero, maintain, and use a scope would be up to Hinterland and the result might be a real wash from a player perspective.  If scopes were implemented, I would definitely try it out, but I am not expecting it to be much of an improvement over iron sights (in general). 

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By game technology it makes shooting easier. It makes your target bigger and because its hit scan raytraicing from middle of your monitor, it increases hit probability.

Need of zeroing your scope (you have to burn some ammo to use it effectively would be cool). Or need of adjust range and wind hold overs would turn into long range shooting training app.

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As I mentioned in some of the other iterations of this suggestion.

On 8/27/2019 at 2:35 AM, ManicManiac said:

I like the iron sights better.  I think that scopes would only serve to take a lot of the challenge out of the game.  I would not be in favor this.

No thank you, I don't think there's a need for scopes in this game at all.

It's very much in the same way I think there is no need for binoculars; I don't think they are necessary and I think they would make things too easy for the player.  I'm very rarely in favor of anything that I think makes the game easier for the player. :D

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