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Dont know if has been suggested already but what's about harvesting meat from the corpses?

I mean, i totally would eat human flesh from fresh frozen corpses in that situation

(and i think a lot of people would do to survive)

Maybe you can only harvest meat from corpses if you are starving and your condition is below 20% or something like that

(so it would be clear to everyone that this is an act of survival and wouldnt lead to an ethical discussion)


Now that there are bears out there, please change the behavior of the wolfs. A Wolf never would attack a healthy growen man (or woman), and he wouldnt attack alone. So they would most likely act like they do in pilgrim mode.

Now there are bears, and they dont fear anything. It would be nive if you could let wolfes behave like they do in pilgrim mode and bears behave like the wolfes in stalker mode :)

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ahh i see,

no i didnt find my idea - the threads i found are about killing people and about ethical discussiuns about cannibalism,

but thank you anyway. What i found is that the devs just dont want to have this in the game (for whatever reason)

and thats totally fine for me :)

Yeah you are right that a bear can be afraid of many "things" but you have to agree that a bear is not afraid like a wolf.

Nirmally the wolf would smell you from far away and would turn away, a bear maybe would investigate.

And wolfs dont bark :mrgreen:

It just would be really nice if the wildlife becomes more realistic in its behavior (as more wildlife is pit into the game)

At the moment, wolfes in the long dark are like crazy, big, wild dogs with rabies

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I totally agree with your idea about wolves and bears, it would be great if animals behave more realistically. on account of cannibalism I also agree. we could implement it in such a way that the hero then tormented conscience, or he is constantly depressed, tired faster, etc (this will resolve an ethical issue, but it will make the game more realistic - because really, to survive almost any man will do it).

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