The Future of the Milton Mailbag

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From the Dev Diary – May 2020 Please discuss the future of the Milton Mailbag in this thread.

Videos would be nice. Adding some TLD soundtrack in the background would make the videos even better imo.

Well maybe Im a little older format and I prefer much more to read than to watch blogs But I suppose video is still better than nothing.

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Perhaps microtransactions? buy plastic bottles or canisters from vending machines in stores, to fill water or lantern oil. Need a pair of cardboard matches, it'll cost ya!

Want to learn natural remedy medications? Methuselah has knowledge and wisdom for hire!

Want to earn gunsmitting skills? Hire Hobbs for a few tutorials that, once complete, will unlock skill level.

Need bear traps? Talk to Jeremiah, he'll hook you up. Or perhaps just need more ammo or rent a place to stay in Pleasant Valley? Talk to Molly!

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