12+hours of frozen hell


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This story is for those players,who still claim,that wolves are biggest and only treath in our beloved TLD game. :) As you will see,nature can represent the most deadliest treath,despite its beauty.And,btw,I still play Voyageur mode.

I had today quite alot of free time,so I could play more.As I had time,I decided today to visit Coastal Townside area.I did visit that town two times before,but each time I died coz of wolf attacks,discovered only one or two houses,so this are was still new to me.After I survived starvation in ML map,I moved to CH map and when I will clear this one,I will go search for PL map for the very first time.I"m running now 51th day of this game,altough at beginning I wasn"t sure I can last that long.For this long run after new update,I must thank most to ChillPlayer for his tips and I learned alot from watching his broadcasting.

Ok,so,I was stationed at Jackrabbit`s island as my base camp.I had enough supplys and tools to plan my trip to town,as well I had best clothes,including wolf coat,deer boots and rabbits mittens.I filled my stomach in my base,so I wasn"t carry any food with me,except some beef jerky and dog food,just for wolves distract.I took two litres of water.With me I also took neccessarry trio of tools(rifle+hatchet+hunting knife) ,prybar,full lantern,some clothes,can opener and two flares.I made sure that I repaired all my clothes to 100% condition before I went.Earlyer,both times when I went to town,I took a road as my way there.This time I made different tactics and I took the path over the frozen sea,so I could have better wiew on wolves.Whwn I got near first building,partialy hided by banks arround,I first got myself out of sight from three wolves,who were patroling on ice,nearby.I crouched down behind banks and waited,that wind starts blowing into my face,or from left to right.When those three wolves were away and wind was blowing towards me,I moved into first house,looted it.After that I went towards next house,just right from this one.Again no troubles from wolves.Other houses on this side of the road were burned out,so my next move had to be towards garage,where I would make my temporarly base for storing loot.But,earlyer I would just run across the street,in desire to reach safety of garage asap.That way I would only drag attention of wolves arround and they would be distracted from their dayly routine and seeking for food.They would move arround garage,knowing,that I"m inside.So,instead to take shortest and fastest way,I went arround the first house,went on the edge of town and climbed on highest bank,where I had best wiew on almost wholle city and sorroundings.Of course,whille watching wolve`s movement,I pay attention on wind.If wind started to blow on my back,I hide down the bank,waiting that wind change dirrection,so wolves cannot smell me.So,even there was about 6-7 wolves arround in city,I had no troubles to sneak carefully into garage without been noticed by wolves.There inside I looted things,which I needed,but I left all food and drinks untouched.Why? For this tip I can also thank to ChillPlayer. :) As PL area is rough to keep you surviving,it is good to leave for yourself some food and drinks,when you are on your way back to CH.Starvation,thirst and cold are constant accompany in PL map,so we need saved supply for recover.I decided that my supply reserve will be in Garage.

Ok,so,now was time to go loot other buildings and cars,which are in town.I made myself some torches and made plan.I looted two houses and a car in my each trip,carying two torches each time.I just lit one torch,when I went out,for eventual surprise of wolf.I risked 6 torches for my wholle trip in town,which is acceptable lose.Anyway,town give us tons of material for clothes and I got two cans of fuels.On my last trip I used blizzard as my safety.Altough blizzard is annoying and cause freezing,there is one good thing on it.When there is blizzard,there are no wolves arround. :) I had no hard times wit avoiding or confronting with wolves,so on my second trip I was so coinfident,that i even carried raw meat in my backpack. :) No matter,if wolf come from back,front or aside,he will stop in distance,affraid of torch,and will only grawl.Same thing will happen,if there is wolf pack.With torch you can scare away a pack of wolves,if they sorrounds you.Just one thing is important,when using torch: We need to stand still,not run away from wolf.Also,we must approach standing wolf,mashing with torch,otherwise he will just keep distance and stalk us,where ever we will go.But here I made one mistake,so i had to fight off one wolf.It was no biggie,as I fought him off with 85% condition on myself still.And this tip i learned again from ChillPlayer. :) If we insane click right mouse button,we will chase wolf off,before he can seriously hurt us,he won"t die,but at least he will run far away.Well,I did mistake,coz I first made one step forward wolf,then yet I mashed with torch,so wolf jumped on me,before torch even started it mashing move.So,first we mash with torch and then at same time we do step forward,as we need to hit a wolf,to make him run away.With pack of wolves is enough to hit one wolf,as other will run away,scared with painful yawl of his frend.

Ok,so I successfull looted wholle town,without having big troubles with wolves.Then I headed back towards my base,with some looted supplies.I went now on the road,coz I know there must be one purple car,behind avalanche,too loot him.As I finished looting it,I heared wolf,who was following me from town,I guess.This one I decided to shoot.But,as there was already 17.00 p.m. and I had almost full backpack,I decided to come harvest him next day.I went home,took a good relaxing sleep and woke up in beautyfull warm morning. :)

I said to myself,that I will use this early warm period of the day and go fast harvest that wolf.I had no troubles,nor any wolf I met.On my way back,I noticed another dead wolf carcass on my left side,beside hut near Misantrope.Hmm...maybe I still wounded that chased off wolf enough,so he bleeded out? I dunno.I was just happy for additional meat. :) I looked around,if there is any wolf in my sight,then I placed myself in position,that pointer was on my base island,if weather changes,when I will harvest that wolf.And,yes,of course...weather did change.:-/ Such strong fog fall down and wind started to blow verry heavy.But,I was confident in myself,coz I just walked forward,knowing my pointer was set on my base.But,then started also heavy blizzard! I haven"t experienced that strong and heavy blizzard ever before.Despite all my clothes I started to cooldown and fast going down to freezing.I ran fast and then in my path appeared one fishing hut.I was thankfull for that hut and started fire,foraged some wood and decided to cook some meat,whille blizzard will be ongoing.It was 14.00 p.m. yet,so I thought I have enough time.Usually blizzard is over in two-three hours.I cooked meat from first wolf,ate some,drink water...blizzard still heavy.I cooked rest of wolf meat,melted snow,boiled water..blizzard still heavy.Now I started to worry abit...it was already 17.30 p.m. and I had still long way to home.19.00....19.50...blizzard still won"t stop. 20.15!¨What now? I had no sleeping bag and sleeping in hut isn"t safe,anyway.I had to decide,coz blizzard didn"t want to stop.At least I know the side,I must go.So,I step out the hut and start running towards my base.Running and running...I was running too long,dang.What is happening?Where is that darn hill? I kept running,but slowly tigling started climb up my back.Oh,no...I hope I"m not going towards..."WEAK ICE" !!! OMG!! Stop,Denyo! Turn arround!! I must admit,panic grabbed me,so I couldn"t controll,for how much I turned pointer with my mouse.I could not see anything in that blizzard! Run! Ruuuun!! Darn..still on screen"weak ice" area.Now I was turning my pointer,desperately wanted to exit that danger wak ice area.I just hope I won"t....CRACK!! I fall into freezing water!I will die now?? No,I still can move,ufff.Run,ruuuuun!! Now I realy was running in complete panic,not knowing,where I am,where I go..everywhere I turned and ran,everywhere was weak ice area.I was affraid,that I will fall in again.But,on my relief,I somehow pulled out from weak ice area and like salvation,fishing hut appeared infront of me! Quick,Denyo...start fire! Luckly,fire started at first try,without accelerant.I foraged some additional wood,ate,drank water and then I crouched just beside stove.Dang...why am I still freezing,and cold bar is going up,instead to decrease?? :o I checked my clothes.All of them were 90%+ freezed!! So,even if I stand by fire,I will freeze to death,if I stay in those clothes.What is my condition? 68% and dropping fast.What now?I tok a peek outside,and luckly,blizzard stopped.But,it was 00.10 a.m.,after midnight! Oh,night was so clear,all those stars shining...wait! I can see contures of two islands! On the left was always Misanthrope and on right Jackrabbit˙s!! 56% condition.I must try,even it is a dark.Or I will die here.What if wolves will come after me?I have no choice! They are smallest treath to me.I will die coz of freezing! So I started running towards hill conture on right side.I must get fast there,to put dry clothes on!More than one minute real time of realy intensive intension.My ears were like antenas,tigling all over my back didn"t stop.Finaly! I noticed hill infront of me and ran uphill.Salvation! :) Ugh..32% condition,freezing still.Oh nooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!! Whaaaaaat???? Misanthrope????? How can be Misanthrope on right side??? I totaly lost my orientation?? Ok,nvm...let"s run and go on warm place. Wait!! I have no dry clothes there!! I can still die!! Condition 28% !! There is no other way! Run fast towards other conture! Run,run,run!!! 20%....18%....14%...Hill!! Run,faster,pls!! Yaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Jackrabbit`s !! :D I see the house conture.10%!! What do I hear??!! No,not wolf!! Noooo!! Oh,those green eyes on my right side!! Run! Drop decoy!Drop it!! I think he stopped!? 8% ! Doors...where are those bloody doors??? Finaly! I"m inside! I was running first inside house like nuts,in total dark,before it came on my mind,that i can lit match.:-p Now,fast,drop clothes down and find some dry ones! 6%!! There is no time for fire.I will eat something,drink and take a sleep for 4 hours.Now it is all in God"s hands! I woke up after 4 hours...28% condition,warming up!! :D I SURVIVED!!! :D:D

So...this was most thrilling and shocking experience,since I bought this game.lol.And,as you can see,the nature was only treath to me.It leads me to death,but she also gave me way out.I just had to take her the way it is.So...anything,what happens to us in this game,comes from nature.If we listen to her and accept her the way she works,we can survive.And we must accept everything,what she gives to us,either is that bad or good for us. :)

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I'd recommend shorter paragraphs with an empty line between paragraphs. The text is very hard to read as it is. Can't say anything about the content, because I can't read such big uninterrupted blocks of text without losing track all the time.

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