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I just started playing TLD about a week ago - really enjoy it so far. Seems pretty stable and well thought out. One problem I have is with wolves. About half the time I fight a wolf, it runs away with very little health only to come back quickly at full health. Needless to say if I am still in the open I don't stand a chance. Can you investigate how wolves are sometimes able to insta-heal between the time they run away and the time they come back for a second attack?


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yes same one. I thought maybe it was just a different wolf, but the last time it happened it went like this:

i was on the tracks in mystery lake and a wolf attacked me. I beat it off - and it was definitely very injured. I saw which direction it ran and was facing that way while using bandage and antiseptic. I had to make a bandage so it took a little longer. After that was done I was standing and still facing the same direction and the wolf came running at me from the same trees where it ran away - way farther than usual aggro range - and attacked. It was at full health.

This has also happened to me once with fluffy in the dam. I injured fluffy and he (she?) ran off, then when it came back it was at full health.

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I beat it off - and it was definitely very injured.

Well... that wasn't nice :lol:

I'll take a look into it and see what's up. That shouldn't be happening, I think someone a while back had a similar problem and I thought we had fixed it. As for Fluffy, well Fluffy is an immortal beast from the hells. JK that shouldn't happen either.

Remember Rule #2: The Double Tap...


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