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Hey  Fitzzman

No simple answer to that in mu opinion, It depends on the difficulty level you play at, where you are going and what you plan to do- food, water, supplies for a fire to warm yourself and medical supplies would be essentials for most trips.  I'd pack differently for a hunting trip around Mystery Lake than I would for a mapping trip to HRV or to loot either of the plane wrecks.

Do you know about the moose satchel and the well fed buff?

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I'd love to hear about what people decide on, because I'm like you when there are times where Im not sure what to carry on me, especially when I decide to move my "base camp" and not be able to carry everything. But when I am just exploring and have settled in a spot, I prefer focusing more to have at least 10kg free from the weight limit since  most items are small or not that heavy, and then if it is anything heavy like car battery, carcass, etc. I'll make a second trip for it with just enough space for that. I do prefer having some sort of canned food (no meats as to not smell), at the most 2kg of water, whatever light source I have avail to me, have a few sticks, tinder, and hopefully accelarant if you have more than one, and anything that can stab/cut a wolf in case im attacked (hatchet/knife), and also a firearm. You dont know how many times I go for just a simple pick up of a heavy item, and then get stuck from my base camp due to no visability from a snow storm, or a wolf pack doesnt allow me to head to my destination, haha, theres always something. What have you preferred doing mostly? Anyways, heres hoping you get the right "set up" and looking forward to hearing what works out for you. Cheers!

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On 4/24/2020 at 3:26 AM, Fitzzman said:

I always carry around too much stuff.What do I actually need.
Gun,axe,heavy hammer,food,water,tea,light source.


Can,fishing line,   Etc etc

any suggestions?


Yeah, pretty hard question to answer.  As other's have said, but also what is your current objective?  If it's to gather wood, not much.  Hunting/snaring rabbits?  Stones and snares, etc.

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I always think it’s best to locate resources around a map to roughly where they’re going to be needed.

For example, specialist tools like the heavy hammer or the hacksaw can generally be left in locations with a forge or near a workbench as they will not really be needed apart from that purpose. 

I also normally create “dumps” around a map for specific resources such as a specific building containing a lot of curing hides or a cache of sticks. This is usually either my main base or an easy-to-access location close to where I acquire the resources. This can help reduce the amount you’re carrying around.

Apart from that, I recommend carrying enough stuff to keep you alive in the event of a storm or something occurring and you’re all on your own, a tool for a wolf attack, a torch, bandages (always have bandages). I often also carry a bed roll at all times in case you have to bunker down in a cave or something.

It is always hugely dependent on play style and run purpose so try to use those as indicators for what will help you.

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Bedroll, the clothing on your back, bandages, antiseptic/OMB (n.b. omb unprocessed is lighter than the wound dressing you craft out of it), a hatchet for wolf struggles, a knife because damn they can save you some time when you really need to save some time, a bow, a dozen arrows, the satchel if you've got one, a few fish lines, a sewing kit, matches (and mags lens if you've got one), tinder if under fire 3, five sticks (I tried four sticks because Zep but really you want five, though it's less of an issue now that coal can be added right away... and @Raphael van Lierop and Hinterland, it was better that you had to warm up the fire to get coal into it imho), two or three stones to throw to distract patrolling wolves, a dozen or so cat tail stalks as an emergency road nom supply so I can keep my well fed going.

A good survival strategy is to leave caches of firewood in any caves you find; enough wood to keep a fire going for five or six hours is all you really need, so when a blizzard blows in you can scamper to the nearest cave and get a fire going. Not so necessary in the maps with lots of buildings, but HRV, TWM, and PV all have wide stretches of shelterless areas where having a nice cache of firewood will go a long way to keeping you alive if a blizzard blows in.

Those caches are why I don't really like the lost and found boxes. In my long run games when I enter a place I haven't been to since those were updated I'll find dozens of kilos of firewood in the lost and found boxes at the region entrances and now the caves are no refuge from blizzards until I can restock them with wood.

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Here’s what you need:

knife, axe, maybe pry bar if you might run into some locked containers.

rifle (or bow) and 5-10 arrows. 

Revolver and maybe 20 rounds. 

sewing kit or fishing tackle

sleeping roll

20 matches, or fire striker

2 cedar wood or 10 sticks

emergency food, 2000 calories (lightweight)

1-2 L water

2 coffees, 1 birch tea, 1 rosehip tea, 1 reishi tea, 1 herbal tea 

4-5 bandages, 3 beard compresses

5 cloth (magic number for Snow shelter)


You can sub in a hacksaw if you’re on the move to another zone or expect to find and recycle a few batteries.  

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As others have said, it really does depend on your play style. I'm assuming survival mode, since this is far less of an issue in story mode. There are a lot of questions you need to ask when building out your kit:

- What is my goal? Am I trying to put together a 'generalist' kit, or something more specialized?
- How much weight do I want to spend with the kit? Addendums here: Am I Well-Fed? Do I have a Moose Satchel?

Keeping in mind that I'm **__FAR__** less experienced than some of the people around here, I have a kit that tends to do well for me so far:

- Hatchet (for fast wood cutting and harvesting frozen corpses carcasses)
- Knife (for stabby stabby purposes)
- 1 Fishing Tackle or Sewing Kit (default to Fishing if your Mending is high enough)
- 1 Can (for water, cooking, etc.)

First Aid Kit:
- 2 Antibiotic (emergency purposes)
- 3 OMB (to be turned into an OMB bandage if needed)
- 1 Bandage

Firestarting Kit:
- 5 Tinder (unless Fire Making is high enough to ignore this)
- 5 Sticks
- 1 Magnifying Lens
- 12 Matches (Wood, if possible, even though they weigh slightly more)
- 1 Torch (ONLY for lighting fires)

- 2L Water
- 10-15 Cattails (emergency rations)
- 1 Energy Bar

- 4 Stones
** as needed - 1 Survival Bow
** as needed - 5 Arrows

This sets the kit weight at ~8.71kg(9.96 w/bow & arrows) at the minimum, and ~9.79kg(11.04 w/bow & arrows) at the upper end.

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One thing you could always try is try dropping everything, decide on a task such as hunting, then carry a bow and some arrows and nothing else. As you go about your stuff you can make note of what items you could have used.


Personally as a base I've found I like to carry a ranged weapon, a knife(they're light), something to start a fire, a can, a bedroll, a litre of water, and food for about a day.

I will tend to add things to that depending on the situation, for example a crowbar if I am in a new area, a light source if I am going through a cave, etc.


Personally I don't like axes. They offer very little and are quite heavy. Heavy hammers are only good for ice fishing or at the forge so I don't typically carry those either.


There are other things such as fishing line/hook that are light enough that I am good carrying all the time even if I don't plan on using them because they're so light.

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I think the key is plan in advance. When you are on your base (I like to create base in each map), you can pick tools according your todays task. When I am not going to hunt, I leave rifle at base. When I know for sure I will be back before night, I leave bedroll at base. 

What i preffer to not leave behind:

  • water 2-4 litres
  • about 20 cattails + MRE if I have one (salty crackers are good option too)
  • hatchet (usable as tool, knife and last resort wolfe detterant)
  • two cans or one pot
  • something to start fire
  • 2-4 bandages
  • if I can get hand on revolver, I take it as well fully loaded with no more than 18 spare bullet 

This is my bare minimum. I usually add sleeping bag if I am not sure I will be at some bed at night time. I do not carry rifle. Only to hunting trip or when I am moving to another map and base. Since I usually play Voyager, I tend to store rifle in each region I mainliy visit.

There are so many options in your load... For example you are going to map with little or no beds? Pack at least 5 cloths for snowshelter. Expecting moose or bear? grab a rifle or bow.

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