The Long Dark world map printed on canvas and framed!

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(Reposting from Reddit - someone suggested I should post here too.)

It's funny - My mom has always hated video games. Never took any interest in them other than to yell at me for playing too much.

However, she lives for the outdoors and adventures and exploration - our Canadian family goes camping every summer.

When I showed her this game immediately after purchasing it last fall, she was curious at first, popping in frequently to watch during my first two short games (died in 2 days then 1 day). Then, she asked if we could play together for the next game. Now, she is hooked. We're currently over 100 days into our first play through together (Voyageur), still discovering the world and new game mechanics. I haven't played a single moment of the game without her since, as I don't want to ruin the fun of discovering new places together. Amazingly, she now asks me quite often if we can play.

We play as a true team. Although I control the player at all times, she is right there watching, making observations, and planning with me at all times about what the next move is. Her cautiousness and organization balances out my more risk-taking personality, and together we have been successfully surviving, while slowly, but surely, making our way through the map. When we're not playing, we're discussing our strategy for the next day, or recounting epic, funny, and real memories of events that took place in this amazing game.

Suffice to say, we have been more or less totally immersed in this game since I bought it last fall. For Christmas, I had this piece done for my mom and have meaning to post it since. She absolutely loves it, saying it's one of the best gifts she's ever gotten! I'm impressed with how it turned out myself. Hope you all enjoy!

P.S. To the folks at Hinterland - the work you're doing is amazing. You know you've got something really special on your hands when you've got my mom asking me if we can play video games... This has been a really amazing way for us to spend time together, so appreciate everything you're all doing to make it possible.





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That is great and we're glad that you and your mother enjoying playing together!

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Sounds like a blast!  Wish my family members were into TLD like I am. 😢

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