How and when should we see the Take/Put Back screen ?


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As the title says, how often and to what degree does this pop up ?? I ask, because it seems to be intermittent ATM. Like I can be in the Lookout and click a can of Soda, and it brings up the Take/Drink/Put Back screen up, then I can be in Loggers Cabin, and when I click on it, it goes straight into my inventory.

This is happening, with Paper, Tinder Plugs, and various oner things, and its not always in the same place, so is there a point, be it Encumbered or, your not Thirsty or Hungry that this doesn't come up ??

Its seems to be happening more in .v0.4 and maybe thats why I'm noticing it ??

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Inspect mode should always activate when you click on gear items, assuming they are rigged to support it. All gear will support it, but currently some placeholder items (usually look like a green first aid box) do not, and they skip inspection and go directly into your inventory.

The fact you are seeing it skip for things like Tinder Plugs (which are rigged for inspect mode) means one of two things:

1. There is a bug that is causing the skip to occur

2. You are actually double-clicking, which makes it seem like the inspect mode is being skipped.

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