New Feat: Mountaineer

Willy Pete

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Feat effects: your stamina bar replenishes (very slowly) when staying still on a rope. Does not affect extra calorie loss or fatigue loss.

Feat requirements: climb up # km of rope (maybe 5 or 6?).

This would be a relatively powerful feat that would remain relevant throughout the game (so long as you're utilizing climbing rope). It would essentially mean that so long as you weren't stupid it would be impossible to fall when climbing rope. If you're getting low, just take a break for a couple minutes without the need for a ledge and climb some more. You would still lose calories and fatigue while holding on, but you could resume your climb after a quick break.

Alternatively, if this is too powerful, the feat could instead simply reduce the loss of Fatigue, Stamina, and what-have-you while climbing rope.

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I like this idea. I suggested it jokingly as the "Sound of Music" badge, which one would recieve upon climbing "Every Mountain" (every climb point). But I suppose calling it the Mountaineering badge is more acceptable.

I liked the idea of having a faster climbing rate. But, how about more climbing stamina? Not having to take a break on the longer climbs would be a real help.

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