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I've been watching youtubers play The long dark, for awhile. I've always wanted to play it, but I don't have access to any of the consoles the game supports. PS4, Xbox one, Microsoft windows, ect. So I was wondering if The long dark will be available on nintendo switch? It would give switch players who don't know the game, get familiar with it and maybe purchase it, giving the game new publicity and players or it could give people like me, who don't have other consoles, still being able to play such a interesting and creative game. I hope you take my suggestion into consideration, and I look forward for this game to expand and continue its success.   

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Hi @LadyKilljoy,

We are working on developing a version of The Long Dark for the Nintendo Switch. We don't have anything to announce as to when it's going to be released, but we are excited to get it in the hands of new players.


- The Hinterland Team

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