Inventory Screen + custom key bindings = chaos


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As of .192, my custom key mappings and the inventory screen don't get along at all.

I've mapped the left mouse button to "move left" and the right mouse button to "move right". I won't get into why I've done it that way here... it is what it is.

However, when I access the inventory screen and try to do any actions in there, I'm totally up a creek. If I select an item, such as a soda, and then go to the soda's window to drink it... when I use the left mouse button to "drink" the inventory item jumps from the soda to the item to the left of the soda and it performs the action on that... So, if the item to the left of the soda is crackers, I'll inadvertently eat the crackers instead of drink the soda.

I've been getting around this issue by selecting the item to the right of the one I intend to act upon so that when I click "eat" or whatever, it will select the item to the left.

The best way to describe how this is messed up is to have folks try it themselves. Remap your keys as described above and see what happens in your inventory.

Also, on a similar idea, when I have the rifle in hand and "move right" using the right mouse button, the rifle moves into the "aim" position. Then when I let off the right mouse button and stop moving right, the rifle goes back to "at ease" postion. I've got "aim" mapped to the S key.

I'm on windows 7 64bit.

Here's a screenshot of my keys: key%20mappings.jpg

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First... I'm curious... why?

Second I tested this and yea it does seem to still think left click is the use button in the menu but it's also move left so it's moving left as you go to use the item and thus using the item left of it. I'll see about getting the menu to realize that use is now A or whatever you reassigned it to. It seems the menu just isn't picking up on the new key layout.


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Thanks Jeremy. It's funny that this flavor of key mapping is so effective for me and yet it is, apparently, completely foreign to most folks. I use the same binding in every single FPS type game and it works like a charm. Thanks for fixing it!

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