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Hello From Hungary!

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I'm 26 gamer from Hungary. I started playing videogames 8-9 years old, but I didn't get my own PC until 12. I specificly joined the forum to add suggestions and I hope they will be have more effect than a shy fart in a Canadian blizzard.

 I started to play the long dark 1 or 2 years ago as I googled survival games and this was the only decent one with no supernatural monsters for enemy. I was instrested in life simulators like the sims series and games with crafting as a key element (like Skyrim), but i didn't find them chellenging or immersive enough.

I admit i played the game with an illegal copy for weeks before actually buying it. 🥺I didn't trust enough the game at first to buy it (early access, indie company and other worrying stuff), but I later made up for it by buying 2 copies, 😌one for xbox one  (just for the box and the game map that comes with it) and once on steam just to have it on PC. I like collecting the disk cases for video games, but in my country the an actual, physical copy for PC, with dick case and and all is practicly unobtainable so I bought the pc version and ordered an Xbox copy (with box and goodies) from Slovakia. Would have been easier if the play anywhere system applies to physical copies, but microsoft will be dead before it ever allows that. I wish my country wouldn't be the "pissant town" of Europe and stuff would be easier to find, like a physical copy fror PC.

I liked the game so far with the exception of the wintermute story update. I feel like the moral choice of robbing the gas station was removed for no reson, Methuselah's prophetic nonsense broke my immersion, i liked the trust system which was removed, the grey mother seemed more antagonistic at first and her trust felt earned back then, some parts are no longer encouraged to explore. In the second episode, Jeremiahs gun fixing story was more realistic than the magic spear, the old bear felt more present before the update (walking freely in the forlorn musked or mystery lake), the story encourages exploration even less now. Helping Jeremiah with food and supplies gave me the fuzzy feeling inside that I'm actually saving his life and nurture him back to health. 😇❤️ I actually held onto his favorite pork & beans just to find out that I can't give it to him 😭 Even his survival school felt heartwarming under his mentorship. Now it's just a side quest.

However, I do like episide 3 and Birch bark tea is the best thing since sliced bread.

Anyway, I hope i don't turn anyone on my self with my rant or anything else. Just wanted to say hi and my thoughts so far.

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Bah, typos 😉

From what a friend explained to me, Hungarian is a real difficult langage.

I can't even remember a single thing they explained to me.

Anyway, welcome in the legit side of wilderness.

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The game itself got a lot right from my experience in the outdoors 

few things tho they would be neat to add is the ability to gather the grass you see from time to time

can be used as makeshift Insulation By stuffing in your clothing to trap dead air 

can be used as a tinder source for firecraft 

can be twisted into cordage few examples if it’s possible use ⬇️

:fishing line


: could be used in game as extra item for creating the bow  & for the arrows 


also the ability to create either pine tar or birch tar 

the birch tar in game would be easiest 

would need :

•x amount of birch bark 

•two empty cans 

•fire with enough wood for say hour/two

the tar could be used as a Alternative fuel source for lantern 


this game has endless possibilities for content to be added 

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Welcome to the Forums! I hope you like it here as much as I do! :D

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