Vito Ventura saying hello from Latvia


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Hello everyone,

I'm Vito, and since I was born 23 years ago, I have been living in Latvia. I have always been a gamer, starting with NES and SEGA, until when I was 9 or 10 years old and I got my first computer with Pentium II, whole 128MB of RAM and, [OH GOODNESS] ATI Rage II graphics adapter. If I remember right, the HDD was a beast too - around whole seven gigabytes of space on that beast. Yes, I am very interesting to talk to, huh.

Apart from playing games, I write reviews and related news articles for a Latvian website as a hobby, but I have written some articles for some other, non-Latvian sites. I earn my living by working as a barista in a very, very nice coffee-shop slash bakery, and I am a certified Illy Coffee Expert.

There is no specific genre of games, that I like, but I mostly play FPS and RPG games. I don't remember how I found The Long Dark, but I think it was from an e-mail, that I got because I have subscribed to some newsletters. One thing I do know, is that The Long Dark immediately made me feel like it is a sequel to a movie called "The Grey" with Liam Neeson. I loved that movie and I love The Long Dark. I've always loved to work my imagination, and The Long Dark has been like a drug, that stimulates imagination and makes up a storybook in my head.

I do stream my gameplay very often, when I have time to play something. My channel can be found at I can pretty much speak english freely, although my viewers have said that I sound like a drunk russian. I have never wanted to have lots of followers, because I really do like to communicate with my viewers and that would be impossible if I had hundreds of concurrent viewers spamming the chatbox.

I know this whole bunch of text might be hard to read, but I wanted to introduce myself and I hope some of you will join me on my adventures (probably on stream) and have fun.

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