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Journal Copy & Paste

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2 Questions:

1.  Is the journal accessible and editable outside of the game?  Can I call it up in notepad or similar and edit?  Why.....?

2.  I can't seem to copy and paste within the journal in game using CTRL+C/V, this would suggest it's using some embedded format rather than a standard text editor?

Neither of these are game breaking issues by any means, but your feedback would be appreciated.


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I would like to chime in on giving the Journal editor just a pinch of TLC! All I need though is for the scroll wheel to not make the Journal jump 1/3 of the screen per tick (this makes you lose your reading position), and for the cursor to not move to the bottom of the journal when you find the spot where you want to type. I can use the scrollbar on the side to scroll smoothly, but again when I find the spot to edit or add, the cursor moves to the bottom instead of the position that a click on.

It would also be nice if you could undo 1 step. In some cases you can accidentally select the entire Journal text without noticing, because the marking is very faint. Then, if you start typing, the entire Journal is lost forever, since there is no Cancel button.

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