Washed out trailers and Washed Out Trailer

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I thought I'd bring up a couple of minor points.

As you near the Last Resort Cannery, there is a location that is identified as "washed out trailers" which has one trailer* that is habitable.  That trailer is identified as "trailer". Continue on to the Cannery facility grounds and enter the bunk trailer there and it is identified as "Washed Out trailer".  I think the two names should be switched to be more consistent. 

* this trailer, the only habitable one among the washed out trailers, seemed odd.  The entry door is near the left end as you enter but, when you're inside, you end up offset from the door and it seems the layout of the trailer has been reversed.  It does not really matter in game play but it seems inconsistent. 

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I think this is a simple mix up by the programmers. I hadn't noticed the names being the wrong way around but I already sent in a bug report for the strange entry on the washed out trailer. You should send this in to them using the bug report page.


Nice work spotting the discrepancy in names.

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I think both of those trailers should probably just be called "trailer..."
I mean, neither of them are "washed out" per se... they are both inhabitable, even if one is located in a place referred to as Washed Out Trailers.


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