More Game and Traps required


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Everything seems to be moving along nicely IMHO.

I noticed that some people are concerned that wolves are too aggressive and that animals don't re-spawn in the same location like clockwork. In reality (as some other people have already said), animals are intelligent enough to know where danger is and isn't; if the AI is taking this into account (dynamically) then that would be amazing.

My suggestions would be to add more small game and appropriate traps for such game; this would be a nice supplement to people becoming dependent on one particular food source. This would also tie in nicely with potential seasonal game in future; players could adapt what they are hunting for depending on conditions and season.

I wonder if the books are going to be used as a mechanism to add additional skills to a player, enabling them to hunt and gather additional food sources.

Well done Hinterland, keep up the ground-breaking work.

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