A good weapon idea(in my opinion)

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I think a cool, new weapon to add would be a flintlock musket. It would be a little more rare than the other guns. You would have to have gunpowder, shot, which could be made in a forge from 1x scrap, and a ramrod, which could be on a workbench from a maple sapling. When you fire it, it is much more powerful than the other firearms, but it takes much longer to reload and is less accurate(since it is smooth-bore). You would have to pour in the powder and shot, ram it all down, then pour more powder on the priming pan, then fire. There could also be another skill called “Muzzleloader Firearm Skill.” Like when you are just starting out with it, their could be a chance that you pour to much or to little powder in, or not ram everything down properly, which would cause decreased accuracy, hang fires, or increased durability reduction. All in all I think it would be a cool idea.

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