Thirst depleting too fast

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I started a new survival on custom difficulty and I put all need decay settings to medium. Now my character gets thirsty super fast - if I don't want to get condition loss, I need to wake him up after 6-7 hours to have a drink and then go back to sleep. After that 6 hours the bar is almost empty when it was full before. 

I read on The Long Dark wiki that on Interloper it takes 10 hours of sleep to get you to dehydrated and 12 hours on Stalker and Voyageur. I assume that at least Stalker has the need decay on medium too, so why mine setting seems like very fast?

My previous runs on custom difficulty were on low need decay and it was realistic - after 12 hours of sleep I would get thirsty, but not dehydrated. 

I know there used to be a problem with custom settings randomly changing themselves, like I would put wolf spawn distance to far and it would change itself to close. But you could see that when starting a new game, because the settings from previous game would save there. I checked mine and the thirst really is on medium, which doesn't make sense.

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