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Gun Tech.

Is it possible to release a Time Capsule of 1.74 to play long Survival runs on?

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First off, I want to say that all of you at Hinterland did a great job of fixing the AI of all the wildlife in the game since 1.60 :) The new wolves took a while to get used to, but the game world feels so much more alive for it. ❤️ It was definitely the right way to go, and I think it's perfect now. 

You've been working on the Sandbox Survival part, with some issues fixed and others introduced. I think you will soon have a good, stable version for Sandbox, where no or few major Survival issues remain.

Looking forward, I think you are then looking to work on Episode 4 for the Story. Is it possible that in the near future you will create a Time Capsule of 1.74 (or 1.75 or 1.76, if a few survival issues remain), so that Survivors can grab that to play on long-lived characters, or start a new one and play for a long time?

I would like that very much, because I could return to TLD and just play as intended and enjoy it. :) (I've still played it off and on, but only short runs or tests of things that interested me. I'd like to live in your world and enjoy the immersion and persistence, but the spell is broken by the sweeping up of items into Red Boxes with each update.)

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