Should crafting arrows be this difficult?

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I also agree that the game is well balanced.

I do like the sound of having more crafting options too. Using the stones found in the game for crafting in some way is a decent idea.

Making stone arrowheads that are of a lower grade (ie. do less damage, break more easily) than metal sounds good to me. Would it really impact on balance that much?

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I'd say that introducing stone arrowheads becomes a slippery slope of feature creep.

Are stone arrowheads in the game? Well, aren't stone arrowheads usually made of flint? So the game has flint now? Why can't you combine flint and scrap metal to make a firestarter?

I personally feel the balance on crafting a bow and arrows is balanced enough as it stands. Yes, it requires an investment into finding a hammer and schlepping it out to a forge, but it's a good option to kill time while you're waiting for your saplings to cure anyhow.

Plus, you'll need to craft a knife for sapling carving anyway, if you're an Interloper. It's hardly much effort to bang out a few arrowheads afterwards. If you're not on Interloper, there's dozens of broken arrows near deer carcasses across the maps that you can harvest for arrowheads, not to mention the static arrow spawns in Pleasant Valley or Desolation Point, meaning you never need to forge in the first place.

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