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These have probably been mentioned before. I searched for the term and didn´t get a direct match, so I´m reiterating my wish for these items.

The first is a dropable pole-drag, neary double the carry capacity, but they slow you down unless on level ground. Made from salvaged metal fence poles (from the Carter Dam, for example) or tall saplings, this would be helpful when carrying things like car batteries. Also, if you need to run, you can drop the end and become faster.

My second wish is for an early game weapon, a craftable sling-shot. More acurate than a hand thrown stone, all it takes to craft is a stick and a strip of leather (or elastic from old underwear).

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You are correct that these ideas have been discussed before, but I don't think it's bad to revisit those ideas from time to time.  The sled (or pole-drag as you called it) has been addressed as a particular challenge to implement.  As for the sling-shot, I've always liked the idea of a simple sling as opposed to a sling-shot (though I don't see either as being very nessisarry considering the weapons we have at our disposal and how effective throwing rocks can be if we take the time to get proficient at it).

In both cases they're interesting ideas to think about.  However, I do rather like that we have to carefully consider how much we lug around with us and the risks of "loading up heavy" when moving things from place to place.  I feel like those limitations cause a player to have make important decisions on what's really nessisarry or worth the risk.  I think it also prompts us to consider our options more carefully before caching large amounts of supplies in any given location (our base camps, if you will). 


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I don't want a sled to drag things, but a toboggan ... all those hills and valleys, perfect for sledding.

Also a hockey stick. Not for use against wildlife, but there are all those stones lying around, and all those ice fishing huts with open doors in ML and CH ...

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