Lag spike during condition checks

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I'm getting lag spikes of 5-10 seconds during condition checks like Sprains and Wolf Attacks most notably. Some interior load areas spike also when calculating lighting. Most notably the Bleak Inlet workshop. It lags about 10 seconds. Saves in general seem to be slower and I notice lesser lag spikes during other activities. Oddly I dont think this happens during Episode 3 checks, or perhaps I didn't notice or invoke the same checks. I don't think I had any hits from wolves during EP3 and I never encountered sprains there either.

i7-7700K with 32GB
GTX 1080
Win10 on 960Pro 512GB NVMe
Game installed on 850 EVO 500GB


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It's not lag, the game is frozen while saving your game. The time it takes to save depends on how big your save file is (newly started=small) and how fast your SSD is. If you have a harddisk instead of an SSD, saving the game takes 5-10 times longer.

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