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Ice Hole

Stumble Bum Challenge

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The stumbling when below five percent health is loads of fun when on Pilgrim but so frustrating when on harder difficulties.

Make a challenge that uses this Stumble mechanic.

Here is where I got the idea.  The cavern near the engine in Timber Wolf Mountain with its narrow pathway down.


Stumble Bum Challenge #1 Timber Wolf Mountain Cavern

Reach the bottom of the pathway on five percent health with four sprains in the fastest time.

Pilgrim difficulty but the other difficulties can be used.

Must stay on ramp path and not fall off the edge.

Only one torch can be used. 


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How about the trestle too?

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The cavern stumble I have done before.  The Raven Falls trestle I have never attempted.

The trestle with both edges open is going to be tricky.  Then of course there is the one rail part that is going to be near impossible.  Also the starting location is going to make more frustration.  Probably starting at the one rail section would make this easier.

I have been thinking on how to start out the challenge.

Step 1 - Get to the location 

Step 2 - Get some sprains

Step C - Jump in a fire

The last step will reduce health and create a save point.  

Remember not to have anymore condition loss while attempting the challenge.

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