Getting back to Coastal Highway?!


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Hi all,

I'm in good shape on day 72 - currently sharing bases between the barn and the farmhouse in Pleasant Valley. I have ample supplies stored, but I left 20 rifle rounds back at the garage in Coastal Highway and for the life of me cannot find the path back! One more bear skin to craft the bedroll and I plan to leave the zone and regroup. Can anyone direct me from the road back to the abandoned mine please?

Much appreciated :)

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I have a Map I've been putting together by hand, which shows that (plus a lot of other stuff).

Its not complete, and doesn't show any terrain features or rivers, but it has a lot of the structures and named places that I discovered as I wandered around.

That's just what I needed - many thanks :) I entered the zone in a blizzard and never quite got my bearings back!


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I had the same problem in the beginning, but it's actually quite easy to describe: follow the road towards end of the road and before the last bridge, you can go up following the direction of the frozen river to the waterfall. IIRC there's a broken tree were you can run beneath it. On the right side you see a broad, snow covered trail, follow this until you reach the mine.

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