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Lets play MacGyver, Great Bear Island Ed.

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if you don't know, MacGyver was a tv series from 80s to early 90s starring Richard Dean Anderson where he gets dangerous situations and finds creative solutions by using common items in inventive ways. 

Rule is simple, create crafted item that aids McKenzie and Astrid's survival in TLD using existing resource items. 

I'll start with a few:

Improved Head Wrap: 1 x Cloth + 3 x Cattail heads. Game effect: 1.5x warmth and wind bonus over basic Head Wrap. Not repairable, Accessory item. 30min crafting time

Arm wrap: 2 x cured leather + 2 x fishing line + Sewing Kit (or fishing tackle). Game effect, 0.5x damage from wolf struggles. 25%~50% damage from each wolf struggle, Arm accessory. 3hr crafting time.  Repaire 50% with 1x Leather + 1x fishing line.

Flare arrow: Arrow shaft + Arrow head + Crow feather + Flare or Marine Flare + Fishing line. fired from bow, must be manually lit first. Game effect: continuous Morale damage vs Timberwolves for flare duration if arrow sticks to the TW, plus standard arrow damage. otherwise same effect as thrown flare. Flare can be attached or detached. 

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