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Reloading Kit

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Asking for consideration of a reloading kit that would has the dies and tools to actually reload the spent cartridges given a supply of necessary components - bullets and gunpowder.  The reloading kit would tend to produce less than commercial "perfect" quality ammunition compared to what the player could produce at the ammunition work bench.  

The components can come from two sources - homemade at the ammunition work bench in Bleak Inlet or found in rare small packages (two to five rounds worth) of commercial components here and there. Homemade components would have a skill level decrease of -2 while commercial components would have a skill decrease of -1.  Player skill can never be below level 1. If you do go back to the ammunition work bench to reload cartridges the -1 and -2 don't apply. 

Whether use of a reloading kit has the same credit as reloading ammunition at the workbench is up to the devs. Under this proposal there probably wouldn't be enough commercial component packs to make that much of a difference and using up commercial components at low skill level might be not desirable except for emergencies. 

This might be something for the future. It would add to the workload of the devs to implement so I am hopeful, but don't expect anything soon.  We just got the ability to make ammo and now I suggest being able to make ammo anywhere.  :)


I achieved Level 5 Gun Smith by reading a number of Practical Gunsmithing books and making ammunition at the ammunition work bench. Not too difficult when you play in Pilgrim.   As I leave Bleak Inlet, it struck me that my gunsmithing skill, even though maxed out, would be functionally completely useless because I need the ammunition work bench to make bullets, gunpowder and to even load the cartridges.  As opposed to using a forge, where I didn't have to have a skill to forge items (hmmm, another possibility?), I now have a specific skill that has no real use away from the ammunition work bench. 

I realize that I want to be able to use my skill elsewhere in some fashion which is why I make this suggestion. I assume the devs had thought of it too.  They're pretty smart folks.

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