V.192 - Wolf bugging out in Lake Region (specific location)


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I had a similar effect to the bug in Thread Wolves bugging out in Pleasant Valley (specific location) but at Lake Region inside the hut near trappers homestead in Voyager mode.

(I desided to create a new thread.)

- I saw the wolf far away from the hut, but I desided to go into the hut to get the meat from the dead deer.

- In the meantime the wolf came neer the hut.

- The wolf walked to the side of the hut (location see "2015-02-09_00001.jpg"). The wolf was walking on the same place for some seconds.

- The wolf walked zig-zag (location see "2015-02-09_00004.jpg"). During this walk the wolf sound seamed to be broken.

- The wolf walked again at the first place and again to the second place.

- I walked out of the hut and the wolf atacked me. I won the fight and the wolf fled away.



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