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So, i'm sure we all know what a bear trap is and i suggest having one as something you can find in the game as a hard to find item.


Effect on Animals.

Bear traps should also be able to work on wolves and rabbits but if a bear trap somehow does get a rabbit in it the rabbits hide wont be harvestable due to the probable DESTRUCTION of the poor rabbit's body and when a wolf or deer steps in it it should start bleeding to death, but lets say a moose or a bear steps in it they would then start bleeding and walk EXTREMELY slowly while the trap is stuck on the leg and they would try to run away if seen by the player but have a 50 50 chance of falling over at the start of the run animation and if the animal falls, said animal would take 5 seconds to get back up again and run while limping aggressively.


The Setup.

Unlike snares, you have to place bait on it, the bait could be anything that gives a scent like a rabbit corpse, meat or even beef jerky if your'e desperate, there would also be a chance of you failing to set it up and either getting your arm caught in it which would give a bleeding and crippled limb affliction which would stop you from using weapons for an in game week or the trap just wouldn't trigger when used by an animal.



There would also be a skill that is related to traps which reduces the chance of hurting yourself and failing while setting up the trap.


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