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I'm a bit more active on the Steam forums, and posted this over there recently. Someone suggested I post it over here as well.

I've been back to snowboarding now that the sweet snow is falling again, and just got back from a trip over the weekend. I noticed a couple of things that reminded me of The Long Dark, and I thought I'd share.

Icy Roadway
This road reminded me a bit of a couple of spots in PV.



Covered Railroad Tracks
Definitely gave me a ML or CH vibe.. it would be cool to see covered tracks in a future region, these are very common in the Sierras.



One Tree Cave
My friends and I call this One Tree Cave. It's accessible at a certain resort only under the right snow conditions. Got this picture from the ski lift. Definitely reminds me of one of the many caves we come across on Great Bear Island.



Here's an earlier shot, you can see the cave up on the right. It's steeper than it looks.. 



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Cool shots. The sprained ankle would be worth it for the shelter ;)

The tree looks like a harvesting opportunity to boot!



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The Icy Roadway picture is definitelly Derelic Cabins in PV. Somebody repaired it though. :D

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So I went up again this weekend after a great storm and lots of snow. I always take pics when I'm up there, as well as GoPro video from my helmet mount, but sometimes I see something that reminds me of TLD and just can't help it. Here's a few more.

Mountain Farmhouse
This immediately made me think of the PV Farmhouse or the MT Farmhouse.



Snowy Road
After a heavy snow, this road is looking just the one in PV. Signal Hill should be just around the corner!



Hidden Cabin
More PV vibes.. reminds me of Draft Dodger's Cabin.


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Nice pictures. Lucky you there are no bear paws imprinted in the snow.

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