The clothes degradation is way too fast, it is ridiculous


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You can't be serious when I have a new pair of boots but merely walking around in the snow for a couple of hours and then camping out in a building suddenly decreases their durability to nil, that is unrealistic and makes makes artificial difficulty that is absurd, change it back to the previous tune that you guys had before pleasant valley

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I haven't noticed any changes in this. I crafted a set of deerskin boots back about day 5 of my current run. I don't think I've repaired them a single time so far, and they're currently at 71% on day 19. Note that in that time I've explored a huge amount of PV, gone to CH, over to ML, back to CH (forgot to bring my bedroll), and back to ML again.

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i havent notice, il have to check the degradation in v.196..thanks for the info..

speaking of clothes..

Grizzlybearskin Coat: imagine the size and thickness you can craft in these... this would be O.P. (camouflage as bonus)

+12 warmth bonus

+8 windchill bonus

4 bear pelts

4 guts

This is wolfskincoat+deerskin boots combined..

If you want this, you gotta earn your keep boyscout! ...


Note: who wants MooseRubberShoose ⊙_⊙

The camouflage mention made me think of turning this bearskin coat into a little survival tent that you could crawl into anywhere - heavy to carry, but weatherproof, bearproof, and wolfproof.

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