Snow Blindness affliction + New Items (w/images)

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Greetings Hinterland users! This post will be focused towards presenting a new affliction suggestion and few new items for the gameplay, feedback is appreciated! ^o^


New affliction: Photokeratitis (AKA Snow Blindness)

I also wanted to suggest something that involves sunburn, the player that is exposed to the sun for long periods of time has a chance to get photokeratitis,  this is a painful eye condition that occurs when the eyes are exposed to invisible rays of energy called ultraviolet (UV) rays, as the snow reflects most of UV rays in this biome. 👀☀️

Snow blindness can be caused by sun reflection from water, ice and snow. It can also happen if you stare directly at the sun. This affliction increases even more on high ground places, like Mountain Town, Timberwolf Mountain, Bleak Inlet, Hushed River Valley, etc.

NOTE that this affliction will only occur during daylight and when outside during completely clear weather. Gradually increasing upon prolonged exposure.

This affliction risk can potentially appear after around 1 hour of direct sunlight exposure and can be contained after around 24+ hours of expossure.


Upon contracting Snow blindness, the player sight will get notably deteriorated, starting with blured vision, sensitivity to bright light, color changes and constant blackouts as the survivor complains, limiting the aim focus when using ranged weapons, being susceptible to miss most of the shots. As well gradually reducing the player's condition over time upon sunlight expossure (1% per hour).

Treatment: This affliction can be treated by using eyedrop antibiotics to potentially increase the process of healing of this affliction plus around 10~12 hours of rest. The use of this antibiotic will also temporarily stop the risk of snow blindness for around 2 hours. 
Another way would be consuming painkillers or Rose hip tea and preventing sun exposure for at least 2 or 3 days until the survivor's eyes are healed.

Prevention: Photokeratitis can be prevented by using sunglasses or improvised snow glasses as a new accessory available in the game as well staying out from direct sunlight for prolonged times. Also by using the eyedrop antibiotics that will stop the affliction course if the player is outside and heal the affliction while staying out from direct sunlight.


Now that I have presented the main idea this topic, I will to introduce the new items that will run around this new affliction:


New accessories: Snow sunglasses & his improvised version

This accessories were designed to reduce the amount of sunlight reflecting off the snow, preventing snow blindness when outdoors, as well offering minimal windproof % physical protection, although they do not offer any warmth bonus and cannot be repaired at all.

The snow sunglasses can be found inside lockers or houses, whilst the improvised sunglasses needs to be crafted by the player

pg2jvri.png Common Snow Sunglasses

at6webF.jpg Improvised Snow Goggles (Inuit goggles)

Crafting Requirements:

  • Work Place: Workbench
  • Tool: Hunting Knife / Improvised knife
  • Materials: Fir firewood + Line
  • Time: 6 Hours

These accessories are very fragile and can be potentially damaged upon struggles. The Improvised Snow Goggles decay rate is higger than the common ones.


And this is how these sunglasses will affect the vision of the gameplay ^^


New item: Eyedrop antibiotics


This new first aid item will serve as the treatment for the snow blindness affliction as well his prevention.

Rare loot! can be found only on first aid boxes & lockers.


Sources: https://www.aao.org/eye-health/diseases/photokeratitis-snow-blindness




And remember kids don't raise the game's brightness too much unless you wanna experience the same affliction! jk :P

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