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Region Idea: Eerie Park

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Eerie Park

A massive lake surrounded by mountains and forests with frozen parts and non-frozen parts. It was once a tourist location. With a ski resort, fishing club, a large naturally occurring park, an a massive lake (basing this off Lake Erie). However due to the unexpected avalanches that occurred around the mountains surrounding the park, the constant ice storms that dismantled the functions of the ski lift, news of tourists attacked or threatened by wolves lead to shutting the place down. There is also myths of a serial killer around the area (just a story sensationalized into something out of a movie) though many of these confounding tales were confused with attacks from wolves. 

  • Large ski resort. The aurora allows the ski lift to be operated and be taken to move to the other side. Or you can just walk through the large span of land moving slow and endangering yourself from wolf attacks. Many players will find they can use the ski lift to basically transport very heavy loads of gear they couldn't normally do. But of course this is only during a borealis. They can manually get it to work without the aurora though but requires a hefty battery. 
  • In the ski resort there are resort houses as hotels, a lounge, a store etc.
  • Chop skis for wood and possible ski boots spawns as well as possible warm clothing spawns.
  • Dangerous wolf packs roam underneath the ski lift that may have settled there after watching humans hanging from them like hanging meat.
  • Ursa Major Lake. The large lake once known to be a place for recreational fishing. Much of the water has frozen with some free flowing water. Has boats stuck on the ice with supplies. Small fishing huts and a small fishing houses on the shore for fishing enthusiasts. 
  • Careful using your firearm, distress gun or interacting with wolves/bears that make loud noises. Loud noises can initiate dangerous small avalanches around the area knocking you out dropping your warmth to 0 and giving you risk of hypothermia. Similar to the thin ice in Forlorn Muskeg. The difference is you have to watch out making noise. A struggle with a wolf or bear can trigger an avalanche though sometimes you can use that to your advantage to knock the bear or wolf off you as well. Very dangerous especially when traversing the mountainous region of the park. There's a kind of invisible meter that builds up based on how much sound is made around the area and it slowly drops in danger but if it reaches max you get an avalanche. 
  • Large pine forests. Known to be a tourist attraction with park benches, coffee shops (tea and coffee possible spawns) and gift stores dotting the region. Reaches into a mountainous area popular for hikers towards a free flowing waterfall and cave popular location for couples. Wolf spawns and a possible moose spawn to watch out for. 
  • Many forgotten cars. Be careful entering some can trigger a car alarm causing a small avalanche
  • Locked cars that you can pry open with prybar. But be weary some cars can trigger a car alarm causing a small avalanche. 
  • Snowed in houses that you can only access from the basement through the basement doors
  • Part in Ursa Major Lake with hockey goals and hockey equipment lying around. 
  • Park Ranger Cabin. Very likely they were trying to do something about the overpopulation of wolves and dangerous animals in the region. Seems like they didn't get so far. Good place to hunker down though. 
  • Museum: Has a museum with stuffed bears and wolves and basically a museum for the park and about wildlife. Long abandoned but you can find some useful tools and items in there. Maybe a hammer the mason workers left behind who knows.
  • Yes I used the name Eerie from Lake Erie which is a lake in Canada and U.S. The word Eerie meaning mysterious and frightening. And of course being quite and silent is beneficial in this region as avalanches are a big occurrence and special about the area.
  • Also it kind of paints a picture of Camp Crystal Lake from Friday the 13th that has been overtaken by a snowy tundra. 
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You should attach some plan picture, like map. You know. Let we can discuss in detail.

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