No wind in cave. The sound of water fall.


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I know that the game is designed so that you dont take any wind if you stand near a rock or tree in opposite of wind diretion, but when i stay in a cave there are wind come out from the wall too, if i stay on the side of wind then it s fine, but if the wind diretion change then it is a hell of destroy my clothes(At night it is always -25 of wind). So like the title say, please fix it so there is no big wind in cave, a little like -2 -3 is fine, and if you sleep in bedroll, it s only reduce the bedroll quality because your clothes is inside the bedroll, right? So it dont meet the wind.

And The sound of water fall is not in the exactly location of what i see. Many waterfall is like that, i hear the sound of water in different place of the image.

That is all. Thanks for a awesome game.

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