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Wooden Crate items  

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Ran through on the "as the dead sleeps" challenge multiple times now, each time it had stim waiting on me. Must say it was a first!

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Not a wooden crate, but one of the cardboard boxes that may reveal something underneath it, when harvested. 

Break down a cardboard box in the QGS, and there may or may not be a Go! Energy Drink found underneath.


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7 hours ago, wizard03 said:

I actually think I checked them, got nothing. x.x

Boy, the RNG Gods really don't like you, do they?  Maybe consider sacrificing your firstborn (joking).  I've also come up empty on those boxes, but I have also scored once or twice.

Once, long time ago... I remember breaking down a cloth rug hanging over a box or a rail in the Carter Dam... and underneath it was a box of rifle ammo.  It hasn't happened again since.  Like the visors, I still check them every time and someday, I'm going to get rewarded with another box of ammo... or maybe not.

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