Timberwolves - Teleportation and other bugs.

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So I've been doing a bunch of 'science' on the timberwolves with some random interloper starts as well as another longer term survivor in the area and I've captured a bunch of bugged out behaviour with the wolves. Stuff like teleporting from ground level to higher areas in the cannery and some very deadly bugs with the demoralisation behaviour i.e. the bar resetting right after you've scared them off. All captured on video, timecode links below. I've also listed a few other that might not be bugs but I'm fairly certain I had a wolf instantly close the gap on its pathfinding to me. i.e. not there behind me at all turn around and back again and it's there.

Click for each video
telporting wolf from ground level up onto entry walkway to cannery

teleporting wolf from ground level to dock level outside cannery locked entrance

timberwolf biting through solid wall.

wolf biting from a couple of meters away

quick close

demoralisation bugs.large chunk of demoralisation happens, then pack gets demoralised, then instant reset on pack morale. Demoralised wolves still being agressive,

...pack not dispersing and getting morale back a third time the next morning (maybe not a bug but who knows at this point)


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Yeah, things are pretty bad right now, best you can do at this rate is just try to avoid the whole bleak inlet region on interloper, or come in with both barrels blazeing on lower difficulty. As it is, the other difficulties really push the boundaries with the current NORMAL wolf AI. Either you avoid them like the plague, or put em down....

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