Experiencing the long dark.... Outside...

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Sorry, I don't know how to attach pictures in the text... 

Hope they are not too random.... 


This is a little trip in my mountains, here in Switzerland... 

No wolves, cold is gentle, about 10 minus during the night, 2 minus while hiking... 


I did a short walk, 1.5 hour, up, to a secret shelter on a cliff, not much, but enough for my bed roll, and be out of the wind... 

While walking, collecting the sticks, then, the climb, first without m bag, attaching the rope, then back to carry the bag pack... You ll notice the hatchet, but my bellowed binoculars, which I miss so much on great bear... 


After a few more trips for woods, I'm ready, to cook some herbal tea, then, sewing a tunic, reindeer skin, sinew, a broken bone awl.... 

Takes time... 

After some meat on the fire,  time to bed, and admire the sky... 

It's gonna be cold.... 

And not looking forward to put back on the frozen shoes.... 


Hope this little story was not too much. 


Enjoy the outdoor... Or the great bear weather 









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Perfect! I would love more of that. (Un)Lucky as I am, it will never be possible for on my tropical island.

Edit: love the plush.

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