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The Black Knight

Bow drill

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what about add the bow drill to the game? although even on interloper we can deal with matches scarcity thanks to magnifying glass i think would be a nice addition. It could be an only-craftabled item made it with one cured gut 1 reclaimed wood and 1 stick in a workbench and no option to repair (it will lost condition with each use). We could only use it once we get fire starting level 3, takes three times longer to light (compared with matches) and succeful probabilties start with 25% on lvl3 then 50% on lvl4 and 90% on lvl5 (time to start reduces proportional with the level too).

I suggested this low probabilties and restriction to lvl3 in order to dont get the game so easy but sustentable on interloper very long runs and to stay even more time outdoors and increase exploration experience

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