General thoughts on Pleasant Valley


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Hello there,

After playing this map for a time now, I'd like to note some general thoughts about that map as a feedback


  • Size of the map
  • diversity of the envoirement
  • Natural shelters (Caves are neat!)
  • Balance Nature/ Civilization
  • Spread of wildlife (rabbits mostly)
  • Interesting points to visit
  • Spread of loot heavily decreased in comparison to CH


  • Way to easy to orientate yourself (Turn away from the rocky walls, go straight, find the farms)!=> Centered maps are easy to orientate :(
  • Perhaps slighty to empty in the mid
  • few enterable houses on the outer rim
  • few alternatives to the pv-farm to make yourself a home => on the long run ppl will settle there every time
  • "feels" as if stretched a bit artificially for a larger impression

Apart from that very obvious point of orientation, I admit this map "feels" very good to play and very balanced in its diffferent thematic points.

These were just some quick thoughts, gonna add here and then, most appear while playing ofc :)

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I second that. Great area, but it feels a little stretched / empty. But I don't understand your first negative point. Why should the area be harder to navigate in? Is it just that the farm is so centered? The roads and bridges would make for easy orientation anyway.

I'm refering to another gameplay here perhaps, good question.

When I played Mystery the first time back then, I had to move almost blindly, not knowing where to go cuz orientating was hard, and still is sometimes. You really have to know the map. And this is really fun, much more of a survival experience if you dont know the map in advance every time. And the relief when finding a building or shelter after a hard walk in a blizzard.. ;)

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