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XBOX BI update bad

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Hey guys. Was hoping my first post was going to be "best game ever, love this, the last update was great" but instead Im dealing with a super nasty nose dive in FPS. It all started with the crossroads elegy update....I thought it would have been caught and worked on, but sadly with the errant pilgrim update, its gotten worse.

Here is a prime example of the problem while reading a book near the ice shack on Timberwolf mountain:

Now here it is on bleak inlet with the Timberwolves getting involved:


Im on a xbox x, with a 950GB SanDisk ultra 2 SSD connected to load the game faster, and Im hard wired to the internet. But its not the only problem either. There is levitating wolves, they ignore decoys, and Iv had a couple of items just come up missing as well. One was a hammer that I swore I stored into my main camp in paradise valley, but just up and went missing. Only video I have to confirm the levitating wolf problem:

As for the missing equipment and ignoring of bait, it is in the entire length stream, but I can't remember at which point.


Will there be a update to attempt to fix all this? Right now Im both super anxious to get into interloper and see if I can find a revolver, and scared to loose anything that is extremely difficult to find. Ontop of that, with all the FPS issues, and crazy animal behavior, it seems to be somewhat suicidal. So for now, Im more for just checking things out in a safer mode.

 Please, a heads up on anything! I love this game, but there are some serious issues suddenly. I want to hear that there is some hope on the way!

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