Long dark topo map pleasant vally. Call for help.

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Hey I have made TOPO maps in the past of mystery lake and coastal highway. I'm starting to work on a TOPO map for Pleasant Valley and realizing that it's a lot bigger then the other areas and I'm probably going to miss things. I would appreciate any one willing to help log in game locations in Pleasant Valley while I focus on drawing all the TOPO lines. I setup a Google form here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1MMyBm3 ... =send_form

to help put all the locations into more usable form then unsorted forum posts. I will publish the final map and a spreadsheet of everyone's responses in case anyone else wants to use it when I finish version 1 of the map (1 to 3 weeks?).

Previous maps I have released


http://s26.postimg.org/4wgs3bktz/LDM_my ... sion_4.jpg


http://s26.postimg.org/blnbjc65z/LDM_co ... sion_4.jpg

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You are such a big part of my game HAHA!! Even though I believe I found every location because I been everywhere on the map I still appreciate your work immensely! I recorded about 15 locations, I also noticed that caves alter locations and houses are randomly burned down in different games (PV) Thanks for making these!! ( good luck on your job hunt, good vibes to you!!)

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Version one is complete



There is one unconfirmed bunker location that was given to me at (2335, 1142) if anyone can confirm it with a debug screenshot please do.

As promised here is all the responses I got to the Google form. Thanks to everyone who helped.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... 1g/pubhtml

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Hey autonomous,

Great map once again! Thanks for your hard work.

Just one note: what houses are habitable and what houses are burnt down depends on how they are spawned the first time you enter the map. Take these houses at Rural Crossroads:


For me it's the other way around. The houses on the left are burnt down and the ones on the right are habitable.

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@elloco999 I didn't realize they randomized stuff on the new map. I assume it's all the structures except signal tower and the big farm? I'll add a note to the steam release but I'm not sure how to show the randomization.

@hylander I saw your map and cross checked my map against it to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Probably the best other map I've seen so far.

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So the randomization on PV seems to work like this:

- farmhouse and big red barn are always okay

- in the rural crossroads, some houses are burned, some are not (random)

- draft dodger's cabin is always okay

- signal hill radio shack is always okay

Everything else is in ruins/burned out.

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@autonomus: Since you deactivated the form to submit any further info I would like to note

Bear Location: 2689/2624

No Entrance Barn: 1929/1248

Another Bear Location: Area 2500/1500

I'll keep them coming.

My suggestion for the randomized burned structures is to use orange color instead of Green.

You can use a bear paw mark as in hylander legend map.

Thank you both for your work.

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Oh Wow! Another area to explore. I haven't been playing the game very long and to be honest was beginning to think the map was kind of small and now I see there's this huge new area for me to find and explore. Thanks so much for supplying these maps. I would have gone on running around in my long johns, no pants for another forty five days trying to find myself a new pair of jeans thinking I'd already seen everything and only had to find a couple of prepper's caches left to do and hoping while I was at it I would find those jeans. That'll learn me not to harvest every pair of pants I find and forget to fix the one's I got on. :D

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Hey autonomous,

I'm adding a list of things we've discovered since your map was updated - not sure if you've been keeping up in the various threads.

- Bunker C (2618, 1869)

- Bunker at (2335, 1142) confirmed to be type E

- Bunker at (416, 930) confirmed to be type A

- Cave at (624, 278)

- Cave at (2012, 2838)

- Cave at (2727, 865)

- Barn at (1945, 1253)

Hope this helps...

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Soooo, do you think you can have an updated version including transition zones and possibly locations of the new harvest-able materials?

Off course help needs to be provided to identify all the posible spawn locations per item.

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