Performance feedback on v. 192


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TLD v. 1.92

Graphics: Ultra

FOV: max

Vsync: on

Intel i5 760 quad 2,88 - 3,22 Ghz

4 Gb ram

Evga Nvidia GTX 460 1 Gb vram


Area "Mistery lake" (Camp office)

External 25 - 30 fps - gpu load at 30 - 40%

Interiors 60 fps - gpu load at 50 - 60%

Starting a fire, raise the load on gpu to 100% but still 30 fps extermal, 60 interiors.

CPU: only one core is used, always at 60% - 90%.

Reducing the graphic details to medium or low I only obtain 3-5 fps more (35 fps on external areas). No benefits starting fires (gpu load always at 100%)

Please reduce gpu load when starting fire.

However totally playable. No freezes at all.


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You need to upgrade your gpu card... ... ce-GTX-460

I am using a top of the line card from about 7 years ago and I get better pixel fill than you mid-range card from 4 years ago. The 400 series cards were not bad but they were blown away by every iteration since. The X600 indicates mid-range gpu. Just like the GTX960 is a substantially gimped version of the GTX980 design. It is 2015, if you can pony up $330 get yourself a GTX970 and not have to upgrade for 5 years. If not, for $200. You will be amazed at the difference.

The reason you gpu is spazing out between 30 and 100% is the unbalanced nature of the X600 stuff. They drive everything though a 128bit bus instead of 256bit but on the 970s&980s.

Also if you have excess power supply capacity you could go for the R290X which is just between the 960 and 970 but is an AMD card and has more like 970 performance. Only thing is it uses more juice.

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