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Gucci Birchman Safari

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I'm embarking on a Gucci Birchman Safari in The Long Dark v1.671.69 "Errant Pilgrim".  This custom survival mode run has the Stalker loot table (Gucci), has condition recovery off but Birch Bark Tea is active (Birchman) and I'm on a vengeance hunt (Safari) to skin the Timberwolves that took me out in my first visit to Bleak Inlet. And, I'll start in Bleak Inlet for the novelty and excitement of it.  Hopefully this provides a bit of a 'break' from my previous nail-bitters, and with a little luck I'll be beachcoming with a warm cup of herbal tea and and a Timberwolf coat in no time...

The custom code is:  8tnM-bj8P-Lx+z-gaF2-+OIB


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