Bleak Inlet cannery workshop - find the fabled shortcut?

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Hi everyone. I know this topic is a bit old, and that Raph also confirmed that he meant the Lookout Tower rope when he referred to the "shortcut". Nevertheless, I was able to find this shortcut in the cannery that allows you to skip the Timberwolves. Hope you enjoy!
(PS: There is another shortcut available, found by kimiota, but it requires you to clear out the timberwolves first)


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I've asked Raphael van Lierop what did he meant by saying "shortcut" in Twitter and this is his response: The "shortcut" I referenced was indeed the rope climb from the Pleateau back down to the

I'm just imagining Raph at home reading this thread on his phone like...

In general, I see four possible spots for a "shortcut".  I would assume that the "shortcut" can only be "activated" by someone who has already made it to the Cannery Pier (duh). I also assume that the

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