Silent Hunter and Pacifist Achievements


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Continuing some previous posts regarding Silent Hunter and Pacifist Achievements.

I just got the achievement and I can confirm that the following actions will not forfeit it:

  • cooking and eating meat and fish found in fridges/freezers/ovens
  • scavenging, cooking and eating meat from wolves' kills
  • chasing deer and rabbits into wolves
  • scaring away said wolves from the carcass using flares and fires
  • annoying said wolves and then run to lure them away and get the carcass
  • fighting with a wolf that's trying to eat your face, if the struggle doesn't end with the wolf dying

In my last run I did all of the above, and all on purpose aside from the fight that wasn't planned. Luckily that wolf didn't die, and at the 25th day I got the achievement anyway.

if the struggle doesn't end with the wolf dying

A lot of times they will die hours later. Does that destroy the achievement?

Yea, and this new system with the aggressive wolves is going to make getting the silent hunter achievement on stalker near impossible--especially if the only thing you can carry around is a crowbar since I think the axe and knife will guarantee a bleed out death for the wolf. I have never had a wolf not die otherwise.

That said, it doesn't matter because I have not yet survived an attack from wolves on this difficulty because it is three of them back to back.

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The Silent hunter and Pacifist achievements are the reasons why I currently play on voyageur. ;)

(After getting them I didn't want to start a new game).

I guess these achievements are not necessarily meant to be achievable on stalker mode. It's certainly possible (even post V. 192), but I can hardly understand people complaining these achievements are too difficult on stalker. ;)

That's a bit like complaining that running a marathon is too difficult with your shoelaces tied together.^^

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