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@Tohono O'odham Man

Will you please just use the question thread for this kind of thing?  I only mean to say that if you want to make sure that Raph will see your question... just use the Milton Mailbag: Question Thread.

I'll include it here again for your convenience:

You've done this a couple of other times now, and I've tried to help you find the question thread...


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You guys are the home stretch of fishing the long dark, as in you have about a normal production cycle left before being complete. You have mentioned before in an interview a a few years ago with I believe P.C gamer,  your next project was  going to be the long dark two. Is that still the case if not then what. If not is your next game going to be mechanic similar, or maybe even reuse assets from the long dark. Also when are you plan on starting preproduction?

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